Tuesday, October 9, 2018

the final BLOOD RED book

Not this year, but next year the third and final BLOOD RED story will hit the shelves for collectors. Earthling Publications will be releasing BLOODLINES, the final story of the vampires in Black Stone Bay.

I will be writing the book. Earthling will be publishing the book and I am happy to report that Edward Miller will, be doing the cover! That's right the same amazing artist who did the covers for BLOOD RED and BLOOD HARVEST will be doing me the extreme honor of finishing the series off properly.

I am extremely pleased, as the first two covers are among the best I've ever had for my books. Keep an eye out here and I'll keep you posted on new news as I get it.

Keep smiling,



  1. Good morning Mr.Moore my question is I can't find Blood Harvest any where on Amazon for my kindle is there any place I can get it?

    1. In the near future, yes. Currently it is out of print.

  2. Hi love your horror books. I have a few of them. Any chance ur out of print or limited editions are coming out in near future. Some limited are going for $175. Sorry cant afford that. U made my date few years ago I emailed u abt return to serenity falls. Never expected a email back but u did. Again. I love ur horror books.