Wednesday, September 26, 2018


"He walked along the winding road that would take him into Beldam Woods, moving at a leisurely pace that still seemed to devour the distance. Though he had been walking for hours, he was not winded in the least. He had long since become accustomed to walking everywhere. 
His hair, a little longish for a young man, was almost preposterous on a man of his advanced age, but he carried it well. The wind was cold, whispering the threat of winter’s caress, just around the corner. His skin was pale and made paler still by the hint of frost that blew along the same path he’d chosen. Perhaps most would have been shivering in the frozen breeze, but he was not like other people. He never had been. 

The sun was not up,

though there was a change from dark blue to light in the sky to the east, and the moon, not quite full as yet, was on the western horizon and fading away at a rapid pace. The late night was working towards dawn proper when he crested the last hill and laid eyes on his goal in the distance. Beldam Woods was a small town, nestled in the geography of upstate New York. Not far from Utica, but not in any way a part of that community. In comparison, Utica was positively urban.
“Norman Rockwell eat your heart out.”

The sun crested the hills to the east, and cast the first rays of light into the town. He watched as the warming beams of luminescence touched the steeples on the two churches, turning the cross on the Lutheran Church into a golden beacon and defining the wrought iron crucifix on the Protestant house of worship. One of the two had been there when he’d last been in the town, but he was damned if he could remember which. The thought brought a thin smile to his bony face. He was, after all, damned either way. 

From where he stood he could see the town square, which had changed only in the shapes of the buildings, most of them replaced with brick and modern supplies, instead of the wooden structures he remembered from his youth. There was a modern school down there, big enough to seat a few hundred children, and not too terribly far from that one, he could see the campus of the private academy he had read up on. Watersford Academy for Advanced Children, which from what he’d seen in the brochures, specialized in catering to the obscenely wealthy. Between the two was a long stretch of land that was perfectly groomed and well fenced. Even from outside of the town proper he could see the horses munching contentedly on the lawns. The only livestock raised at most of the farms these days were thoroughbred championship equines. Of course, the region was well known for fresh vegetables as well, at least according to his brother, Patrick, who had never bothered to leave the area." --HARVEST MOON by James A. Moore

Tuesday, September 11, 2018



The 4th annual Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival! FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
This year, come and meet more than SIXTY authors and artists as they sell and sign their work and conduct free panel discussions on various book, publishing, and spooky Halloween topics. We'll have Halloween candy, and costumes are encouraged! The event is free, and the authors donate a portion of their book sale proceeds to the library, so you can have fun, get a bit spooked, and support your local library, too!
(*Asterisk denotes FIRST TIME attendees...and look at that list!)
Owen King*
Jennifer McMahon*
Laird Barron*
Kelly Braffet*
Grady Hendrix*
Jeff Strand*
Lynne Hansen*
Nadia Bulkin*
KL Pereira*
Stephanie M. Wytovich*
Charles R Rutledge*
Gene Doucette*
Kelli Owen*
Gregory Bastianelli
Matt Bechtel
Stephen R. Bissette
William Carl
Glenn Chadbourne
Jason Ciaramella
Joseph A. Citro
Tom Deady
Kristin Dearborn
Barry Lee Dejasu
JG Faherty*
Amber Fallon
Dan Foley
Doungjai Gam Bepko
Craig Shaw Gardner
Larissa Glasser
Christopher Golden
Scott Goudsward
Catherine Grant
Mary Hart 
Laura J. Hickman
Kat Howard
Christopher Irvin
Kameryn James*
Nicholas Kaufmann
Brian Keene
Toni L.P. Kelner
Ed Kurtz
John Langan 
Izzy Lee
Bracken MacLeod
John M. McIlveen
Hillary Monahan
James A. Moore
Lindsay Moore*
Errick Nunnally
Jason Parent 
Philip Perron
Leigh Perry
David Price
Mary SanGiovanni
Cat Scully
Rob Smales
Sarah Smith 
Thomas Sniegoski
Laurie Faria Stolarz
Mike Sullivan
Morgan Sylvia*
Tony Tremblay
Trisha Wooldridge
Douglas Wynne 
Rio Youers

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Griffin & Price series

So me and my co-author, Charles R. Rutledge. decided to start writing the Griffin & Price series just for kicks. The process went very, very smoothly, actually. So smoothly, in fact, that we had the first draft of the first book done in eight weeks.

We had a blast. And we've continued to have a blast with the characters and world we've built up. So much fin, in fact, that we're working on a book set in the same world, and slightly to the side of our usual main characters.

But that's not why I'm here today, I'm here to say that for the first tome, well, basically EVER, all three of the books are out at the same time. See, we have a few publisher issues. As in, sadly, the publishers wither changed their approach to publishing (in one case deciding to focus on old non-fiction books about the occult, which is cool) and in one case making a few missteps in the distribution market and having to downsize substantially.

Now we have fixed the issue. Here are all three of the Griffin & Price books, with descriptions, covers and links.


When private investigator Wade Griffin moved away from his hometown of Wellman, Georgia he didn't think he would be back. Too many memories and too many bridges burned. But when an old friend is found brutally murdered and mutilated, nothing can keep Griffin from going home. 

Teamed with another childhood friend, Sheriff Carl Price, Griffin begins an investigation that will lead down darker paths than he could ever have imagined. Soon Griffin and Price find that there are secrets both dark and ancient lurking in the back woods of Crawford's Hollow. 

As Halloween approaches, something evil is growing near the roots of the Georgia mountains, and the keys to the mystery seem to be a woman of almost indescribable beauty and a dead man who won't stay dead. 

As the body count mounts and the horrors pile up, Griffin and Price come to realize that the menace they face extends far beyond the boundaries of Wellman and that their opponents seem to hold all the cards. But the two lawmen have a few secrets of their own, and one way or another there will be hell to pay. 

Blind Shadows is a fast moving synthesis of high-octane crime fiction and horror. Lovecraft and Arthur Machen meet Spillane and Elmore Leonard. A Southern Gothic full of guns and monsters and hard boiled action.

Available in Trade Paperback and for the Kindle


In the small town of Wellman, Georgia, Sheriff Carl Price wants nothing more than to ticket speedsters and stop drunks from killing each other in the local bars. Unfortunately, things aren’t working out for a simple life. 

His best friend, private investigator Wade Griffin, has taken on a case he normally wouldn’t, to try and build his P.I. business and get out of the mercenary game, which leads to trouble with a major regional crime boss. 

With a missing teenager and a child abduction to solve, and tension brewing from the other-worldly Blackbourne clan, Griffin and Price have their hands full. But something dark rears its head in the form of a new mountain church and its mysterious and charismatic leader, Reverend Lazarus Cotton. 

Once more, Griffin and Price must use the deadly skills learnt in their past, and call upon even deadlier associates when the problems escalate out of their control.

Congregations of the Dead book is a redneck adventure-horror of the darkest kind. In the small town of Wellman, Georgia, it’s a damn hot summer.

Available in Trade Paperback and for the Kindle


Something dark is looming in Brennert County, Georgia. Sheriff Carl Price and ex-mercenary-turned P.I. Wade Griffin know well the other-worldly undercurrent that runs through the small town of Wellman, but with the Blackbournes trying to rebuild their strength, it seems they can breathe a little easier, Just a little. 

Griffin starts working a case when he stumbles across a massacre at a drug lab, and when Price is called to the scene of a brutal triple homicide, it has all the markings of Blackbourne retribution.

 Before the blood is dry, two more people are torn apart. 

As the body count rises, Griffin and Price find themselves in the middle of a turn war where bullets and black magic are the weapons of choice. Caught between the worlds of monsters and men, Griffin and Price enlist the help of associate Carter Decamp to put an end to to the brewing battle.

 But the gates of Hell have been opened and the beasts won't be denied their chance to feast.