Monday, July 2, 2018


“Thrilling, bloody, and fun.”
– Looking for a Good Book
“James Moore has become one of my favorite writers.”
– Adventures Fantastic
“Seriously, what a phenomenal second book! Everything that was so delightfully dark about The Last Sacrifice, James just wraps those thorny vines tighter around the plot. He proceeds to deepen it to a gripping degree throwing in mindbogglingly twisted horror elements.”
– Smorgasbord Fantasia
“A wild adventure with plenty of action and bloodshed and just as with the first book, we have a conflict on a grand scale – mortal men against the gods – which keeps the stakes high and exciting.”
– Looking for a Good Book
“The novel once again demonstrates why James A Moore is at the forefront of the modern masters of sword and sorcery.”
– Book Wraiths
“Moore’s creativity shines through with a new world, new pantheon, new monsters, new nations and continents. The characters live and breathe and pop from the page – often with swords swinging.”
– Paul’s Scribblings

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