Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Twisted Book of Shadows

Dear friends,
In the spirit of the New Year, and now that the chaos of the holiday season is over, we begin again to march toward our goal. The submission window is the month of February, so we're going to try our damnedest to reach **our fundraising goal** by the end of January, and we need your help!
If you've ever loved a creepy tale of any kind, we'd appreciate your donation AND any effort to spread the word. The Twisted Book of Shadows is our passion project, a true labor of love not just for James A. MooreJohn M. McIlveen and me, but for our entire editorial committee. We're dedicated to creating an anthology market that will pay professional rates and royalties without the need for marquee slots, invitation-only percentages, etc. Every spot on the table of contents will be filled by a story chosen through blind submissions. It's a level playing field for any writer interested in horror stories. Submissions will be reviewed by Jim, John, and myself, as well as the entire Editorial Committee: Linda D AddisonNadia BulkinRachel Autumn Deeringg, Lamar GilesGabino IglesiasBilly MartinKL PereiraLee Thomas, and we actively encourage submissions by diverse voices. Horror stories aren't the province of any one community of people, and we want YOURS, the one only you can write!
I'll shut up now, but not before saying we're just about halfway to our fundraising goal. We need your help to create what we hope will be one for the ages. Please donate what you can, and please SHARE!!


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