Monday, August 28, 2017

Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival

And here's a list of the scheduled panels for this free event:

Those of you thinking you might show up for only part of the day for The 3rd Annual Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival...think again. Here's the panel schedule for the day.
10:30 -- The Dark Border: Fantasy, Folklore, Fairy Tales and Horror – Why it’s magic when they meet.
-----Craig Shaw Gardner, Kat Howard, Hillary Monahan, James A. Moore, Cat Scully (M), Laurie Faria Stolarz
11:30 -- The New England Mystery Tradition -- Spooky autumn helps horror, but how much are New England mystery authors inspired by the region and its atmosphere?
-----Dana Cameron, Christopher Irvin (M), Leigh Perry, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Sarah Smith, Thomas E. Sniegoski
12:30 – Horror in Comics -- What makes the medium so well-suited for the weird and supernatural, and what do our panelists think is required reading from then and now?
-----Stephen R. Bissette, Jason Ciaramella (M), Rachel Autumn Deering, Brian Keene, Errick Nunnally, Fred Van Lente
1:30 -- Joe Hill: A Season of Strange Weather – Interviewed by Christopher Golden
2:30 – Far North Frights: Horror from above the 42nd parallel Why do so many scary writers love northern New England, from Acadia to the Northern Kingdom?
-----Joseph A. Citro, Tom Deady, Kristin Dearborn, John M. McIlveen, Holly Newstein-Hautala, Douglas Wynne (M)
3:30 – Our Haunted World: Why Do We Need and Read Horror in Scary Times?
-------Nicholas Kaufmann, John Langan, Bracken MacLeod, Mary Sangiovanni, Paul Tremblay, Rio Youers (M)

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