Thursday, July 6, 2017


Available Now: I lost my wife in 2009 and after several months decided that I would write about it to keep myself sane. This book is the end result of those musings. It is not my usual fiction. One side effect I did not expect was people writing to tell me that the words helped them or loved ones through the grieving process. 

You can buy Dinner for One here, if you are interested. 

Dinner for One: A Journey to Healing
Forthcoming from James A. Moore and Haverhill House!
"Dinner For One is a love letter from a man to his late wife. A way of saying farewell, but never goodbye. It's a record of love and loss and what it means to be human. Jim Moore is a large man with a large heart, and while that heart has been broken, it is, as Hemingway put it, 'strong in the broken places'."
-- From the introduction by Charles R. Rutledge.

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