Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Congregations Of The Dead

Congregations Of The Dead is the second of the Griffin & Price novels. 

In the small town of Wellman, Georgia, Sheriff Carl Price wants nothing more than to ticket speedsters and stop drunks from killing each other in the local bars. Unfortunately, things aren't working out for a simple life. His best friend, private investigator Wade Griffin, has taken on a case he normally wouldn't, to try and build his P.I. business and get out of the mercenary game, which leads to trouble with a major regional crime boss. With a missing teenager and a child abduction to solve, and tension brewing from the other-worldly Blackbourne clan, Griffin and Price have their hands full. But something dark rears its head in the form of a new mountain church and its mysterious and charismatic leader, Reverend Lazarus Cotton. Once more, Griffin and Price must use the deadly skills learnt in their past, and call upon even deadlier associates when the problems escalate out of their control. This book is a redneck adventure-horror of the darkest kind. In the small town of Wellman, Georgia, it's a damn hot summer.

It is not necessary to read the other Griffin & Price novels, BLIND SHADOWS (The first novel) or, A HELL WITHIN (Novel number three) but both will be available soon and rumor has it BLIND SHADOWS will come with a very special low price on the Kindle. 

If you are interested you can buy it right HERE.

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