Wednesday, June 21, 2017

So apparently the Republican Party wants me dead.

And by me, I mean Diabetics everywhere.

You doubt me? Here: READ THIS.

I'm good, I'm covered. I have medical insurance. but if you and yours are having trouble with coverage, you can thank these asshats.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember this when the midterm elections come around.

it isn't just diabetes. that's just the easiest for them to point a finger at.

YOUR vote matters.

PLEASE remember that when you decide how you want to vote, I will NOT be voting with the sort of vile scum that want me dead because of a medical condition or who are JUDGING ME because of that same medical condition.

and in the meantime, if they are so worried about the Affordable Care Act damaging taxpayers, I think we should absolutely make certain that they PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH!!!! Please consider adding your name to this list. 

James A. Moore

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