Friday, November 18, 2016

So, according to knowledgeable sources....Goodreads!

So here's the thing. According to my source at Angry Robot, my Robot Overlords have been planning a little publicity. 

What sort of publicity? Giveaways. 

That's right. Giveaways. 

When and what? Well, that's the interesting part. Here's the official breakdown. 

12-1/12-8  Seven Forges

12-8/12-15 Blasted Lands

12-15/12-22 City of Wonders

12-22/12-29 Silent Army

On those dates you will officially have a chance to win the book listed. Obviously you'll have to go to my Goodreads Page to enter.  Or possibly Angry Robot's Goodreads page, but you get the idea. 

Here's the cool part. What you actually have a chance to win each time is a full set of all four books. That's four chances to win the entire series so far (remember, there are more books planned for the series).

Then, after those four weeks of giveaways, you'll have a chance to win THE LAST SACRIFICE.

Why? Because the Robot Overlords may be overlords, but they are also kind of awesome. 

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