Sunday, November 27, 2016

A very small excerpt from THE LAST SACRIFICE.

I'm working on the sequel, which means I have to reread sections of THE LAST SACRIFICE. I read this part and decided I like enough to offer it up without any context.

“We are have come to warn you. Your father sent us. He says if you do not change your path, you will die here soon. Die, or worse.”
“My father is dead.” Beron smiled, pleased to have caught the man in a lie so early on.
“Yes, I know.” The man nodded. “That does not mean he does not look out for his son.”
Superstitious nonsense. Still, a chill walked through Beron’s body.
“You have given your warning. Was there anything else?”
“You misunderstand. He means now. Physically. You should change your path or you will suffer greatly.”
“My path is chosen. I have a great distance left to travel and diverting would only make the challenge of arriving at my destination greater.”
The lean man sighed. “I have offered the warning. May the gods be with you.”
“So far, of late, they have not been.”

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