Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Eeper Weeper and One For Sorrow: The Whitechapel Paranormal Society is coming soon.

One of  the rare and delightful treats about knowing other writers is now and then they let you check out their worlds a little early. That's the case with E.J. Stevens as regards her forthcoming Dreadpunk series The Whitechapel Paranormal Society. I got a chance to read this a while back. Now I get a chance to share it with you. This is an excerpt from Eeper Weeper, a story that is an introduction and prequel to the series coming down the pipeline early next year.

Right HERE is a link to the first part of Eeper Weeper, to whet your appetites. I am waiting as patiently as I can for the next installment.

Like that cover? Try this one on for size, for ONE FOR SORROW.

Right HERE is where you can earn a chance to win an Amazon Gift card fro looking a little deeper into the secrets of the Whitechapel Paranormal Society and the horrors they'll be investigating.

Just for grins, make a post on the link right above as you're entering for your chance to win and E.J will pick one winner at random to get a signed and personalized copy of my forthcoming THIS IS HALLOWEEN short story collection. Why? Because now and then we all like a treat, and I love Halloween.


  1. Ah this would interest me so much! I enjoy Whitechapel Book I can't wait to check this out.

    1. I've read several of E.J.'s stories and novels so far and she has yet to disappoint me. I have a powerful suspicion you'll enjoy the heck out of it.