Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wicked Witches

I'm in an anthology coming out from the New England Horror Writers just in time for Halloween. it;s called WICKED WITCHES and it's going to be fun for all who love their witches on teh dark side. 

Below is the table of contents for the New England Horror 
Writers forthcoming anthology: WICKED WITCHES

I am delighted to be in such fine company.

Wicked Witches - ToC - (Random Order)

Rob Smales - Moving House

Morgan Sylvia - To Dance the Witch's Circle Again

John M. McIlveen - In Agatha Craggin's Defense

James A. Moore - Home Again

Morven Westfield - Witch's Apprentice

Barry Lee Dejasu - Place of Bones

Peter Dudar - Portrait of Old Woman With Crows

Izzy Lee - Tilberian Holiday

Errick Danger Nunnally - Welcome to the DIV

Trisha Wooldridge - Witch

Nick Manzolillo - Saint of Regret

Jan Kozlowski - Blessed Be & Kick Ass

Catherine Grant - White Witch

Kenneth Vaughan - Run in the Widow's Hell

Joshua Goudreau - Black Forest, Black Heart

Paul McMahon - Baskets

Doug Rinaldi - The Jatinga Effect

GD Dearborn - TS Elliot Burns in Hell

Patrick Lacey - Another Plane

Remy Flagg - Access Violation

Ogmios TheArtist - Creaking Through Salem

Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert - The Witch We Dread

The cover art, front and back, is gorgeous!

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