Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lawyers, Guns and Money

50 people dead in a bar because some bastard with too many anger issues and a belief that his god likes violence as a solution.
The Second Amendment fanatics (They are fanatics. As I have stated before the First Amendment has been altered to take consideration of modern situations out forefathers never considered. The same should happen to the Second Amendment) are already screaming that guns had no part in this latest assault in which 50 people were killed and nearly the same number injured by, wait for it, guns.
Okay. The NRA, bless their desperate, gun-toting hearts, have spent MILLIONS making sure that the right people in the right places vote their way. It's called "lobbying," and unfortunately it's completely legal. Personally, I'd call it bribery, but semantics.
Here's my newest effort at a solution: New solution to a gun problem: You can't outlaw guns? Okay. Tax 'em. Tax the crap out of 'em. Tax them like cigarettes, only worse. They started taxing cigarettes because of the health related issues and the strain on hospitals and healthcare. You want to smoke, you have to pay for the privilege. So do the same to guns, THEN, because it's not guns that kill, it's bullets, a $15.00 per bullet tax. That's for .22 of course. The higher the caliber, the higher the tax. Shotgun shells? Start at 30 and work your way up. Hollow point? triple it. Glazer? Go big. 5 times. Black talons and the like? ten times the charge. I wonder if the NRA could match the revenue increase? Don't pay the tax? Don't get the bullet. Making your own bullets? cool. Tax the crap out of black powder and gun powder. 
Somebody else suggested a severe insurance boost. You have a gun? Cool. Your insurance rates should go through the roof unless you have mandatory classes on gun safety, regular assessments at a range and a gun locker that is properly secured and locked. That should be as mandatory as automobile liability insurance.