Monday, December 29, 2014

What Rough Beast

So Charles R. Rutledge and I have been busy. We usually are, mind you, but in this case we've been working on a different little ditty, piece coming out from White Noise Press.

White Noise Press does very limited edition chapbooks that are, frankly, gorgeous.

Here's the first piece of artwork that publisher Keith Minnion is sharing:

And this particular book is done in the style of a penny dreadful and is properly called WHAT ROUGH BEAST:  A Crowley and Kharrn Yarn

Crowley would be my recurring character Jonathan Crowley. Kharrn would be Charles' very long loved barbarian adventurer, who also recurs in the strangest places.

This one's gonna be a hoot!

What Rough Beast crouches our way in February.


  1. And, the book wishlist for 2015 releases begins...

  2. Believe me, Paul, this one was a blast for me and Charles both. :)