Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola and you

So, here we go.

Recently the first confirmed cases of Ebola have shown themselves in the US and Europe. (Well, confirmed this time around. One person I know says there have been others before, and he's a sharp dude, so I'll have to consider that possibility.)

And that sucks.

And in the case of the US, apparently the problem was the gentleman in question lied about his symptoms. To be fair he might not have known. Once again we're in that gray area where the devil rests in the details and I am simply too busy/lazy to actively research the heck out of the subject because I have two novels to finish by year's end and a few short stories besides. Oh, and a day job.

So that is that. No research from me.

What I've heard is that he might well have infected the entire plane he flew in on. And of course multiple people at the airport. And his family when he arrived (Some of whom have been quarantined). Over 100 people all told are now being carefully watched over to see if symptoms show up.

In the case of the first US victim, he passed away. Heartfelt condolences. There are worries that he might have infected as many as a hundred through either blatant lies or possibly simple ignorance. Apparently at least one person has been infected by being in contact with the area where he was found. I understand he had no direct contact with the first victim, which likely means he came in contact with an infected surface.

I hope for a speedy recovery.

And now for the feedback and outrage part of our post.

Once upon a time we were known to quarantine houses and people who were deathly ill and a risk of contagion.

I think it's time to start that procedure again.

21 days, I think it is? Three weeks before a person who MIGHT be infected is supposed to show symptoms. I propose that anyone coming into the US from areas with a known Ebola outbreak be quarantined for three weeks. I think they should be warned in advance and settled into decent housing that is set aside for this purpose. I bet we can find a few dozen military bases gathering dust that would work just fine as quarantine zones.

I will further propose that any billing actions that have to take place for this be paid at cost by the people in quarantine. No profit margins. At cost. Food provided can be MRE's (Meals Ready To Eat). They aren't all that tasty but they remove a lot of risk of contamination.


Because until a proper vaccine is available for the public at a reasonable price, this is the best way to avoid the possibility of a truly devastating disease overwhelming this country. I am very much a proponent of civil rights. I absolutely believe that we should have borders as open as is reasonable. I do not believe that delaying entry into this county and making someone who feels the absolute need to come here wait to ensure the safety of the millions already living here is a bad thing.

because I don;t have any kids of my own, but I know that if I did, I'd want to government to make sure they are protected from unfortunate negligence and the occasional lies. And I personally should rather avoid the Ebola virus, like, well, like the plague.

That's my two cents.

Anyone want to chime in? I'm always up for a lively discussion.

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