Thursday, August 28, 2014

Together again for the first time in paperback.....

And I am very pleased. Charles R. Rutledge and I decided to self-publish CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD because, frankly, we were getting a lot of requests and the publisher who did such  great job with both of the limited editions is moving away from e-books and trade paperbacks. Decidedly a no harm, no foul scenario for us, but the requests kept coming. So this is sort of an experiment.

We discussed covers and decided that while absolutely love Alex McVey's original cover for CONGREGATIONS we wanted to try something a bit different.

What all of this means, actually is two different publishers. So while both books are available, and they are both Griffin & Price novels, they have very different looks and little to connect them aside from a little crossover information. Either should be fully capable of being read as a stand alone novel.

Here, by the way, is an encore of the gorgeous cover Alex did originally.

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