Sunday, August 10, 2014

CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD: Into the deeper waters of publication.

Charles R. Rutledge  and I had a long discussion about CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD. The publisher was happy enough for the limited edition to come out but for whatever reason (Not my concern and I'll leave it alone) was also just as happy not to have the book released as an ebook or a trade paperback.

Well, the first book in the series (Loose series, granted) BLIND SHADOWS was and is available in both formats. Thing is, we've had a lot of people ASKING when the book was coming out in the less-expensive formats and we couldn't give a solid answer. So after waiting a while and discussing the matter, we asked for the rights to print in ebook and trade back form the publisher and those rights were granted without any rancor. No harm, no foul.

And now it is time Within  the next week or two CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD will be available as an ebook. Not too much later, we'll have a trade paperback available as well, but the ebook is first.

This is a first for the both of us, really. We've dabbled with a few shorter pieces online but this is a NOVEL and one that has been remarkably well received. So into the world of self-publishing we go. The waters look very deep. Professional edits, professional cover and professional layout are all taking place before this book comes out, because, hello, there's nothing worse than a craptacular cover, a lack of edits and layouts that look like they were done by a baboon. Those are all deal killers for the both of us.

So far the only part completed is the cover, which I am posting below. The rest will come along soon,  but I ask for a little patience as we learn to swim this particular stream.

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Me and Charles discussed the cover; Charles did a rough of the cover (He's an artistic guy.) and then the amazingly talented Melody Simmons did the final. Ain't that pretty?

And here, for fun is the back cover text:

It’s one of the hottest summers on record and a storm is brewing over the small town of Wellman, Georgia. 

Still reeling from the horrific events of the previous October, all Sheriff Carl Price wants is to get back to a normal life. Unfortunately things aren’t working out. He’s got the Brennert County’s DA breathing down his neck for answers about what happened in Crawford’s Hollow. He’s been served with a lawsuit by the Blackbourne family. And just after he witnesses a child abduction, the one person who always puts his life into a tailspin shows up to add to the pressure. 

Meanwhile, against his better judgment, Wade Griffin agrees to look for a teenage girl who’s gone missing. It’s not his kind of case, but he’s trying to establish his private investigations business and perhaps abandon his past as a mercenary. But Griffin’s luck isn’t any better than Price’s and he ends up crossing paths with the man behind most of the organized crime north of Atlanta. 

Both lawmen have their plates full, but then they learn that there is something abroad in the night. Not the supernatural menace they dealt with before, but something even darker. Just what is the secret of the charismatic Reverend Lazarus Cotton and what is he hiding in his small mountain church? 

Once again, Griffin and Price must call upon all their deadly skills just to stay alive and even in the middle of a pitched battle against things that shouldn’t exist they are reminded that sometimes the darkest evils reside within the human heart. 

Congregations of the Dead is the hard hitting follow up to Blind Shadows, again mixing hard-boiled crime fiction with blood chilling horror. 

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