Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The first of my freebie stories for SEVEN FORGES, "The Wounded," can be found right here. You should read it, because, you know, it's FREE!


  1. Dear jim,looking forward to reading the "blood harvest"novel,if i can find it!!! just finished reading "blind shadows",and am most enthusiastically anticipating reading "congregations of the dead"!!!! i have been with you since your "leisure" paperback of "under the overtree",and i have not regretted it yet!!!! next to ray garton & brian keene,you are the "other" favorite horror author that i eagerly await the next "horror" novel from!!!! can't wait for that "fateful"day when you can quit your "starbucks" job& write full-time!!!(have faith,my bearded friend!!!!!) but,in the meantime,you keep writing them,& i will undoubtedly keep reading them!!!! (insert photo of william shatner with hand raised,saying "promise") rock on!! BUTCH HEWITT (hewittbutch59@yahoo.com)

  2. Btter late than never, Hayden! BLOOD HARVEST will be coming out in 2017 in trade paper and as an e-book.