Thursday, September 12, 2013

Seven Forges News

I've been doing two of my favorite things today: Reading and writing ('rhythmetic need not apply, thanks. I have an accountant who likes numbers for just such emergencies.).

So a quick update. I'm well into the second chapter or THE CHOSEN, which is the tentative name for the second SEVEN FORGES book. Between starting this one and finishing the last  there have been a couple of novels, a novella or two and a dozen or so short stories and articles to boot. And I have to say that I am truly delighted to visit a few of my characters again. I'm also missing a few of them, but I can;t say which ones as only a handful of people have actually read the first book so far. A good number of those readers have given me favorable reviews. A few have not. That's fair. No one is everybody's cup of tea.

But the novel progresses. And before I wrote the novel, four of the short stories I took the time to wrote were written solely for the purposes of promoting SEVEN FORGES. I addressed a few of the areas where I was deliberately vague in the novel. And allow me to clarify that. I wanted to add lots of things that I did not add to the novel. I didn't add them because they were not immediately significant. The fate of one character who, in Seven Forges, is little more than an incidental figure and a name, is addressed in one short story. Another deals with a local legend regarding a distant site, never visited but seen repeatedly and eyed with justifiable suspicion. A third deals with how the figure on the front of the book, Drask Silver Hand, earned his hand and his name. The last deals with how one of the Sa'ba Taalor, the newcomers in the book, killed a beast of astonishing size by himself. All of them are, I hope, fun tales, but none of them were directly important and I was working with a limited word count on the novel.

I will have homes for them soon. So far the very, very few people who've read them have been favorable about how they read and as I trust those folks to tell me the truth, I am pleased by the results.

SEVEN FORGES comes out in less than two weeks in the US. I intend to have a formal release party at one of my favorite bookstores, Dr. No's Comics and Games. They have books, too, by the way. Mostly genre books, go figure.

As soon as I have cemented the exact time for the event, I'll let you know more.

A lot going on, but most of it isn't finalized as yet. Soon, soon.

A few more reviews have popped up. Here's some of the highlights:

“Seven Forges is a perfect story of political intrigue, brutal fighting, beguiling magic and assassinations.”—The Book Plank

“What sets apart Seven Forges from the rest of the epic fantasy clique is the writing. I'm honestly impressed by the amount of worldbuilding James A Moore managed to fit inside 330 odd pages.”—

“When I first heard James A. Moore was writing his first fantasy novel, there were three things I knew to expect. One – his characters would not be cookie cutter copies of Robert E. Howard’s Conan or Michael Moorcock’s Elric. Two – his characters would be interesting and different. Three – I was going to be in for a hell of a read. I was right on all three counts and I’m sure that everyone who picks up this title will agree.”—The Baryon Review

“Without spoiling the ending, it reminds of an episode of the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits with a kick in the crotch twist right at the end. Richard Matheson would have been proud.”—

"What does a writer do once he has conquered the horror genre? Why, he turns to fantasy, of course. While that might not sound like an easy transition to make, author James A. Moore seems to pull it off with ease. His upcoming release, SEVEN FORGES, is a far cry from the terror-filled worlds he has created prior, but it is no less entertaining. Filled with memorable characters, gritty action, and an interesting plot, this book delivers on all levels."

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