Saturday, September 21, 2013

Interviews, appearances and reviews...The latest on Seven Forges

So we're only a few days away from the official US release of SEVEN FORGES, and the last minute stuff keeps popping up. I feel like an expectant father. That's true of every book but in this case it's my first fantasy novel and so it feels different. I'm used to treading in the horror field, but the readers and reviewers are often a very different group here. 

So far I have a total of two signings planned. What? I work two jobs if you include author. I stay busy. One of them is on US soil and the other is in London. That later one? Yeah that's a new thing for me. I'm looking froward to it. 

The picture above is for the US signing. I'm looking looking froward to it. 

The latest review comes from BiblioSanctum and can be found in its entirety right here

My favorite quote? "I felt the book took its time getting to the meat of the conflict, yes, but even so, all the while I had the sense that it was there all along, just building up in a slow burn. Looking back now, I see that the bulk of this book reads like a very long introduction, all leading up to the point where the conflict finally ignites. And when it does, it happens in a very powerful, explosive way, in part due to everything in the book that came before providing the necessary kindling.

"Speaking of which, James A. Moore is in his element when he is writing scenes with fighting and big battles, and his strength is definitely in crafting very realistic, frenetic action sequences."

Honestly, nothing about that hurts my feelings. I was sort of wanting that kind of build up. 

Lastly, the nice folks over at TheWrittenUniverse not only gave me a review (Mentioned here before, but just in case you weren't paying attention here it is again), they also interviewed me right here. I had a blast with both aspects. The people I am currently reading are listed. You should give them both a try as they are both rather spectacular. 

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