Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Releases and Reviews

So, SEVEN FORGES is finally due out on September 24th, in the US and on October 3rd in the UK. As I cannot be in the UK for the release I figured I should do the release party a little closer to home for now and in this case that means on September 25th from 6PM until 7:30 PM at Dr. No's Comics and Games in Marietta, GA. Why? Because it's my favorite bookstore and because it's really very close to the place that I call home and also because that's where I pick up my comics. There are always ulterior motives, folks.

Of course, just to add to the fun I have to throw a few more notes into the mix: I also have a couple more book reviews to share. Lynn's Book Blog had a few nice words for my latest work. Follow the link, of course and you can get the entire thing. And The Written Universe said "If you like a sword and sorcery epic with characters who all but grab you by the hand and drag you through the narrative, a story line that takes your interest and holds it hostage until it's had it's way with you, a lot of action, is well-paced and is so good, you don't want to put it down, but at the same time, don't want to finish it too quick (then the awesome is over), this book my dears, is for you." 

Well, that's about as nice a set of words as I could hope for, but there are more of them in the rest of the review which I conveniently linked up above. 

Here's hoping you can make it to the release party. I'll be there and if no one else shows up, well, that'll just plain be awkward for me. 

I suppose there's a slim chance that some people are tired of seeing this cover, but personally Im still loving it and so I'm still putting it up all over the place. 

Keep smiling,


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