Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So to summarize....

A few highlights from reviews for Seven Forges:

Seven Forges is a roaring adventure, full of larger than life characters and cultures, in a world full of exotic peoples, magicks, and gods. And it’s a violent world, too, full of political intrigues, deadly diplomacy, and treacherous allies. Moore’s the story adeptly raises the stakes and dangers from every direction. If you’re looking for an adventurous escape from your desk, Moore’s Seven Forges will whisk you away to a world where swords and sorcery are as alive as ever.”—Attackofthebooks.com

“Seven Forges is a perfect story of political intrigue, brutal fighting, beguiling magic and assassinations.”—The Book Plank

“What sets apart Seven Forges from the rest of the epic fantasy clique is the writing. I'm honestly impressed by the amount of worldbuilding James A Moore managed to fit inside 330 odd pages.”—Upcoming4.me

“When I first heard James A. Moore was writing his first fantasy novel, there were three things I knew to expect. One – his characters would not be cookie cutter copies of Robert E. Howard’s Conan or Michael Moorcock’s Elric. Two – his characters would be interesting and different. Three – I was going to be in for a hell of a read. I was right on all three counts and I’m sure that everyone who picks up this title will agree.”—The Baryon Review

“Without spoiling the ending, it reminds of an episode of the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits with a kick in the crotch twist right at the end. Richard Matheson would have been proud.”—ShelfInflicted.com

Two and a half of the short stories I'll be sending into the ether for SEVEN FORGES have been completed. The rest will be done by the end of the week. 

And then I start writing THE CHOSEN, the sequel to SEVEN FORGES.

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