Monday, August 26, 2013

More SEVEN FORGES stuff.

So, first, I have finished three of the four promotional stories I'm writing for SEVEN FORGES. They are titled (in no particular order) "From the Mounds," "Scars" and "When Korwa Fell." I have one left to do and I've finally managed to plot that one out in my noggin, so I'll likely finish the first draft of it tonight. ALl four stories will go live in the relatively near future. WHen I know where they are going, I'll let you know.

Additionally, I have a guest blog article up at upcoming4me, on the story behind SEVEN FORGES. Naturally, being me, I read the blog when it went live and discovered a few typos. Those are entirely my fault and I'm trying to rectify my errors.

and what would be the fun of posting if I couldn't throw another review your way? This one comes courtesy of

Thought I'd go with a different picture this time, just for kicks. 

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