Thursday, August 29, 2013


From Jonathan Maberry: "VAMPIRE NEWS! IDW had just greenlit a sequel to V-WARS (the shared-world vampires-are-damn-scary anthology I edited). V-WARS: BLOOD AND FIRE will feature all new stories set during the heat of an all-out battle between humans and vampires. The lineup will include the continuation of some storylines from book 1 as well as five new storylines with new top-shelf authors."

I am one of the continuing storylines. That is to say I'll be writing one of them. 

I am delighted. There will also be a comic book series written by Jonathan Maberry, with an artist to be announced. Who knows, maybe I'll get to write a fill in issue. A fella can dream, right? 

No new cover yet, but here's a look at the old one for you. 

And of course, you can pick up V-Wars, the first in the volume, right here.

Monday, August 26, 2013

More SEVEN FORGES stuff.

So, first, I have finished three of the four promotional stories I'm writing for SEVEN FORGES. They are titled (in no particular order) "From the Mounds," "Scars" and "When Korwa Fell." I have one left to do and I've finally managed to plot that one out in my noggin, so I'll likely finish the first draft of it tonight. ALl four stories will go live in the relatively near future. WHen I know where they are going, I'll let you know.

Additionally, I have a guest blog article up at upcoming4me, on the story behind SEVEN FORGES. Naturally, being me, I read the blog when it went live and discovered a few typos. Those are entirely my fault and I'm trying to rectify my errors.

and what would be the fun of posting if I couldn't throw another review your way? This one comes courtesy of

Thought I'd go with a different picture this time, just for kicks. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

I think they've been tweaking the cover.

And I think I rather like it. The differences are subtle, but they are there.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So to summarize....

A few highlights from reviews for Seven Forges:

Seven Forges is a roaring adventure, full of larger than life characters and cultures, in a world full of exotic peoples, magicks, and gods. And it’s a violent world, too, full of political intrigues, deadly diplomacy, and treacherous allies. Moore’s the story adeptly raises the stakes and dangers from every direction. If you’re looking for an adventurous escape from your desk, Moore’s Seven Forges will whisk you away to a world where swords and sorcery are as alive as ever.”—

“Seven Forges is a perfect story of political intrigue, brutal fighting, beguiling magic and assassinations.”—The Book Plank

“What sets apart Seven Forges from the rest of the epic fantasy clique is the writing. I'm honestly impressed by the amount of worldbuilding James A Moore managed to fit inside 330 odd pages.”—

“When I first heard James A. Moore was writing his first fantasy novel, there were three things I knew to expect. One – his characters would not be cookie cutter copies of Robert E. Howard’s Conan or Michael Moorcock’s Elric. Two – his characters would be interesting and different. Three – I was going to be in for a hell of a read. I was right on all three counts and I’m sure that everyone who picks up this title will agree.”—The Baryon Review

“Without spoiling the ending, it reminds of an episode of the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits with a kick in the crotch twist right at the end. Richard Matheson would have been proud.”—

Two and a half of the short stories I'll be sending into the ether for SEVEN FORGES have been completed. The rest will be done by the end of the week. 

And then I start writing THE CHOSEN, the sequel to SEVEN FORGES.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Signing...London

This is kind of a cool thing for me. Trust me, I never thought it would happen. But in a few months I'm going over to London, England and while I'm there, I'm going to the Forbidden Planet Bookstore (Ever been to a Forbidden Planet Bookstore? I've been to one. In New York. I have NO IDEA if they are affiliated. It was paradise on Earth. But this is LONDON, which I am told is THE Forbidden Planet Bookstore.) And while I'm there, several other authors and yours truly will settle in for an hour or so and sign copies of our books for anyone who would like to get them signed.

Had you asked me four months ago if I would ever do a signing in London I would have explained that it was really far more likely that swine would spontaneously generate wings and immediately take to the skies.

So, yeah, I'm delighted by this. Here are the details:

And here's the link at the actual Forbidden Planet Bookstore Site.

This will take place on October 31st. Halloween just got even cooler.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Seven Forges, Four Stories

So I'm currently at work on four short stories that will find their homes somewhere out there on the Internet. The stories are all related directly to SEVEN FORGES. They are not necessary to the novel, but are merely designed to whet the appetite as it were. One if finished. The rest will be done within the week. I'll keep you posted about where they can be found as soon as they have homes. In the meantime, here: have another review of Seven Forges. This one is courtesy of Attack Of The Books!