Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm ba-ack. Well, sort of.

So my actual site, has been down because I was negligent. by negligent, I mean I forgot to pay my dues for the location and then kept forgetting because, well, I'm a wee bit absent-minded like that. My sister (who also runs the site and keeps it looking amazing) yelled at me, paid the bill and then growled until I paid her back, so the site is back up. Expect new stuff there soon, including a few short stories and links to short stories.

And yes, there will be a new Jonathan Crowley story in the not too distant future. And likely a new story that links into the Seven Forges series.

Unrelated to that, but only just barely, Charles R. Rutledge and I are planning out a few more collaborations that should be a lot of fun. I always enjoy writing with Charles. He's exactly as twisted as me.

More news soon.

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  1. The feeling is mutual, sir. Looking forward to another team-up.