Friday, April 12, 2013

Errata (and other odds and ends).

So, first off, I have finally got permission to move forward on my super-duper top secret project. It's so top secret that I can't say anything about it except that 1) It's licensed 2) it's a well-known licensed project, 3) I'm working on it with two other authors that I am excited about working with (each of us working on a different novel that links directly to the others, but that can be read separately) and 4) I'll tell you more just as soon as I can. There will be major press announcements and everything. Honestly, my inner geek is doing a dance about this one. It's about the coolest licensed property out there in my book.

After THAT little tidbit my next announcement is that on Monday morning the cover for SEVEN FORGES will be formally released. I'll have a link up on Monday but it'll be a couple of hours (likely around 10 AM) before it goes live that day. That's right, your taxes are due in the US of A AND you get to see my super pretty cover! A little something to counterbalanced the sense of dread.

The cover features one of the heavies from the story.

On an entirely different note, I am feeling remarkably flattered regarding my latest Jonathan Crowley story, "Black Train Blues," which is, as I stated recently, coming out on May 31st in the latest issue of Midnight Echo Magazine, from the Australian Horror Writers Association.  A total of three people have read it to my knowledge, the editor, the proofreading editor and collaborator Charles R. Rutledge. All three have been very enthusiastic about the tale and for two of them it was a first time read of any Crowley stories. I am delighted. It seems I might have gotten this one right.

Another story of mine is coming out soon, a tale called "Mister Whisper," which should be showing up in Eulogies II: Tales from the Cellar. The book is scheduled for June or so.

More news soon.

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