Monday, March 4, 2013

Eulogies II: Tales From The Cellar

I'll be showing up in a new anthology in the not too distant future. Of course, I'm not showing up all alone. instead there will be several other writers as well (without which, I suppose it wouldn't technically be an anthology.). 

It's a collection of tales from the nice folks at and the authors included are:

Tom Piccirilli
Gerard Houarner 
Gary Braunbeck
James A. Moore
Maurice Broaddus
Lucy Snyder
Matthew Warner
Steve Vernon 
Keith Minnion
Monica O'Rourke
Gary McMahon 
Eric Dimbleby
Rose Blackthorn
Michael Boatman 
Thad Linson
Janet Joyce Holden 
Wesley Southard 
Nicole Cushing 
T. T. Zuma 
Brent Jenkins 
Theresa C. Newbill 
Abra Staffin-Wiebe
David Schembri
Magda Knight 
Malcolm Laughton
Jonathan Templar 
Mary Madewell
Eric J. Guignard 
Arthur Crow 
Rebecca Brown
V. M. Zito
John McIlveen
Sean Logan

The cover looks something like this (But I suspect the actual, physical copy will have a bit of actual paper involved not only in the cover itself, but in all of the pages behind the cover, so, you know, it'll be a wee bit thicker. 

Should be fun. 

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