Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Contracts and other things

So, signed the contracts today for my books with Angry Robot Books--SEVEN FORGES and (Tentatively)THE CRUCIBLES OF THE SOUL, the sequel to the same. I also signed a contract for a collaborative work that has been accepted into an anthology. More news on that when I can. Now I'm working on finishing a reread of the manuscript to send off for edits.

The scheduled release date for SEVEN FORGES is in October of this year. I am, as I suspect I have already said repeatedly, delighted.

The sequel to BLIND SHADOWS, is called CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD and I'm delighted to know that Alex McVey will be handling to cover art as he did for the first book. Charles R. Rutledge and yours truly spent a while today bouncing ideas back and forth for the cover and have sent our suggestion to Alex. Whether he choses to use it or not is in his capable hands, but I have no doubt no matter what he comes up with, we'll be delighted.

There's a link to the review of CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD courtesy of Literary Mayhem.

And just because I like pretty pictures, here's the cover for BLIND SHADOWS, to whet the appetites of any McVey fans out there.

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