Saturday, February 9, 2013

And So It Begins....Again

So from time to time I like to watch some of my favorite old shows while I'm exercising. Either I listen to music or I watch TV. Right now I've decided I want to watch TV and in this case I'm rewatching Babylon-5, the show created by J. Michael Straczynski.

I'd forgotten how well-crafted the show is. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed not just the setting but the plots, sub-plots and characters. I'm only back in season one so far--I only watch one episode a day, while I'm riding my exercise bike--but I am once again taken by work that went into the show.

Maybe part of it is watching the show again and remembering what it was like watching it the first time with my wife Bonnie, but I genuinely am enjoying becoming reacquainted with some of the best characters to come out of TV Land. The sets were imaginative, the alien races surprisingly diverse and, frankly, some of the best damned writing ever done on a sci-fi show. Oh, to be sure there are some who will disagree with me, even some of the characters on The Big Bang Theory, but I stand by my assessment of this show. Darned fine stuff!

And I find I am looking forward to each episode I see again, Sure, I know how this thing ends, but that's okay. Sometimes it's not the story so much as it is the journey.

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