Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can I get an Amen?

CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD, the follow up to BLIND SHADOWS, my collaborative novel with Charles R. Rutledge, is now in the final editing stages. Put less formally, Charles gave it the once over and I'm almost done doing the same. From there it's off to the publishers for layout, design and the whole nine yards. Like as not the manuscript will be heading out from my place within the next two weeks, possibly sooner but I have a couple of deadlines to catch up on before I give a final push.

Nothing solid yet, but according to Larry Roberts, we're looking at a pretty fast turn around and I am delighted to say we'll have Alex McVey handling the cover art again. I am absolutely delighted.

And no, I didn't actually use ALL of the possible links I could have in those sentences. I mean, come on, how many links can I actually expect you to go look at?

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