Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seven Forges

So it's nothing solid yet, but things are looking positive for the SEVEN FORGES trilogy.  We've reached the negotiation stage. They like the book, I like them, we seem to be getting along swimmingly. This is, as they say, a good thing.

Now I just have to be patient. I can't go jumping the gun and announcing things when they haven't been finalized.

But I am pleased.

I recently had the publisher in question asking if I could manage to hand in the next two novels in the series within six months on each book. A friend of mine, co-author Charles R. Rutledge,  came close to laughing milk out of his nose at the question. He didn't actually laugh milk out of his nose, because he wasn't drinking milk, but if he had been, there would have been a need for tissues.

Why? Because Charles has worked with me. When I am in the mood to write, I tend to produce a great deal of words. Most of them are even coherent, and happily there are editors to help me fix the ones that aren't.  More news soon. First, however, I get to pace nervously whilst the agent and the publisher begin the Dance of Money and Rights.

I hate this part. I love reaching this part, but I hate this part.

Okay, but I only hate it a little. Mostly i'm delighted. I've sold a trilogy of books and that makes me happy.

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