Monday, October 29, 2012

In Boston and glad I dodged an airplane bullet!

So I'm heading up to the World Fantasy Convention with Christopher Golden, who is, frankly, wiser than me. Why is he wiser? because when he heard about the potential massive storm that was going to tear up the eastern seaboard, he called me and told me to change my flight plans. I listened. the airline swore that there was no news about a storm, but I listened to Chris instead. The end result? My original flight up here was cancelled. In  the interim I met a new friend on the airline, we chatted the entire way up. I NEVER chat on the plane but we had a merry old time. I'm also up here a day early and NOT waiting impatiently at the airport or waiting around to see how long it will take me to get back home.

The winds outside are howling mad and all the legendary fall foliage has already blown off of the trees, so my first autumn in New England is looking a little barren. That's okay, I'm in excellent company and looking forward to the convention. We will likely be driving through the remains of this super-storm on our way up, but that too is okay in my book. Good company and we have similar tastes in music.

There's BIG news on the publishing front, but I'll maybe talk about that the next time. For now, I can no longer dodge my responsibilities. If I don't finish my part of the BLOODSTAINED WONDERLAND manuscript, there's a good chance that Mr. Golden will be burying me somewhere in his backyard while the storm rages on above us. Comforting thoughts for a chilly October morning,

Have a great Halloween everyone!

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