Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heath Lowrance's THE SPIDER TRIBE

I don't normally do reviews, but now and then I read something I think everyone should know about. Heath Lowrance has a new one out and I did a quick review on Amazon.com. It reads just like what I wrote below, because that's where I published the review.

Heath Lowrance continues to please and surprise me. I am always pleased when I come across a writer with a strong, original voice and I am always pleasantly surprised when that voice also has the ability to come up with new and interesting stories. Lowrance does both each and every time I've read him to date. The Spider Tribe is no exception: Hawthorne is hero worthy of Robert E. Howard, strong and angry and determined. He is also, as all heroes should be, properly flawed. I look forward to the next book in the Hawthorne series and if I could claim any complaint it is merely this: Lowrance should write many more Hawthorne tales and he should do it sooner rather than later as I am already impatiently awaiting the next in the series. James A. Moore, author of DEEPER.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Penguin House, or Random Penguin?

So Random House and Penguin publications are merging. This should be interesting, in the Chinese sense of the word. Two of the biggest houses in publishing are merging, and between the two of them they arre roughly 25% of the publishing force for books in the US.

That could be a great thing, but I have doubts. I suspect a lot of people that I know are going to lose their jobs, and I suspect that a lot of publishing changes are going to come around as the new conglomerate considers where they want to "tighten their belts" as they consolidate.

This should be an interesting show to watch, sort of like a slow motion recapture of a head on collision.

We shall see.

In Boston and glad I dodged an airplane bullet!

So I'm heading up to the World Fantasy Convention with Christopher Golden, who is, frankly, wiser than me. Why is he wiser? because when he heard about the potential massive storm that was going to tear up the eastern seaboard, he called me and told me to change my flight plans. I listened. the airline swore that there was no news about a storm, but I listened to Chris instead. The end result? My original flight up here was cancelled. In  the interim I met a new friend on the airline, we chatted the entire way up. I NEVER chat on the plane but we had a merry old time. I'm also up here a day early and NOT waiting impatiently at the airport or waiting around to see how long it will take me to get back home.

The winds outside are howling mad and all the legendary fall foliage has already blown off of the trees, so my first autumn in New England is looking a little barren. That's okay, I'm in excellent company and looking forward to the convention. We will likely be driving through the remains of this super-storm on our way up, but that too is okay in my book. Good company and we have similar tastes in music.

There's BIG news on the publishing front, but I'll maybe talk about that the next time. For now, I can no longer dodge my responsibilities. If I don't finish my part of the BLOODSTAINED WONDERLAND manuscript, there's a good chance that Mr. Golden will be burying me somewhere in his backyard while the storm rages on above us. Comforting thoughts for a chilly October morning,

Have a great Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Iron Wolves are coming....

Now, see, I am officially delighted by the following news release. Why? Because I'm currently reading Andy Remic's The Clockwork Vampires, and loving the series. Lots of action, lots of fun, and lots of stuff I haven't run across before in a fantasy adventure. And believe me, that's a huge thing for me. 
As I stated a while back I've been writing my own fantasy lately and one of the rules I set for myself was it had to be something I haven't seen before. Once upon a time I read a lot of fantasy. Far too much of it came down to the following simple plot points: ancient evil comes to restomp the crap out of the the good guys who barely squeaked out a victory in the past, and then the one hero in a million happens upon the magical relic that can save the entire forest of elves, unicorns and gnomes. Along the way, there are bad guys aplenty, at least a couple of pretty girls and an of course, our one hero who must come from a humble beginning (possibly as an orphan, but often merely as a boy who longs for adventure). 
Nothing wrong with  that, but after reading a few dozen variations I gave up in disgust and moved on to different genres. I am always delighted to come across stories that break from that mold. They remind me that fantasy can be limitless, as it should be. So, yes, looking forward to this. 

Angry Robot Signs “Anti-Heroic” Epic Fantasy Series
Angry Robot is reeling with the news that maniac fantasy author Andy Remic is returning with a brand new series.
The Iron Wolves is the first of at least two novels set during a time of war and invasion. Riffing on The Dirty Dozen and The Magnificent Seven, the novel sees a disparate band of ruffians and renegades being reunited one last time to defend a key stronghold against overwhelming odds. But when they fight as one, the veteran warriors have a hidden power, and unleashing it one last time will have extraordinary consequences.
Andy Remic’s previous Clockwork Vampire trilogy for Angry Robot earned him the nickname “the Tarantino of epic fantasy” and the new novels will be loosely set in the same setting.
The first novel will be published in January 2014 in paperback, ebook and audio editions. The deal was done direct with Andy Remic by Marc Gascoigne, Angry Robot’s MD and publisher. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Seven Forges

Well, it's done. I have finished the first draft of my novel SEVEN FORGES. Gave it a line edit and now I'ver sent it off to the publisher who was interested in seeing the completed manuscript. Which publisher? I'll let you know if I and or when they decided they like it. Until then, that's like jinxing myself. What? I'm a writer. Of COURSE I have my little superstitions and idiosyncrasies.
In any event the first draft is done, 103,000 words later.

I am pleased.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Narrated by...

So V-Wars, the vampire anthology edited by Jonathan Maberry, with a story by yours truly is now available as an audiobook. My story, "Stalking Anna Lei," is included in the audio format, making it one of my very first audio books.

The first review is right here. I am pleased.