Saturday, August 4, 2012

The home stretch

We're almost done with the collaboration. Charles R. Rutledge and me, that is. The second collaboration. We're planning a few more, because we're both having a blast working with characters of Griffin and Price.
And messing with them.
Half of the fun here is the realization that the characters you're creating are as flawed and frail as the people who created them. I know that sounds odd, but I think it's the truth. In this book particularly we've sort of opened a few running wounds and watched the characters bleed. And I need to clarify something here, I don't just mean we've put a hurting on them physically (that's almost guaranteed with the sort of book we're writing) but also that we've made them reassess themselves as human beings. Sometimes that happens and you're aware of it and other times it sneaks past you, but in this case it's been different because we've actually had discussions about it. Okay, some of those came down to Charles looking at me and saying "You're not being very nice to Carl." Often followed by me nodding vigorously because, damn, I've been beating on the lad this time around. What can I say? Sometimes I'm an angry god. Sometimes I'm just not at all nice to the characters I create.
That's okay. They always get out of it alive.
Well, okay. That's just plain a lie. Sometimes they get out of it alive. Seldom unscathed.
At any rate, we'e on the home stretch of a book that deals with a lot of darkness. We'll be doing a bit more rewriting this time around, because the story isn't quite as straightforward as the lat one. This too is okay. it's not the same book. It was never meant to be the same book. What would be the point of writing the same book twice?
And yes, as I said we're already planning more books with the same characters and you know what? They won't be the same book either.
By the time we get together in the middle of next week the odds are good the first draft will be finished.  We'll discuss what changes we think we need to make while we're signing the signature sheets for BLIND SHADOWS.

Which is due out in October from Arcane Wisdom.

The second book, by the way, is called CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD Where does the title come from? Proverbs 21:16: "The man who wandereth out of the way of wisdom shall abide in the congregation of the dead." That should not be taken to mean that the book is a careful analysis of the Bible, just for the record. 

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