Sunday, August 5, 2012


So the limited edition of the Serenity Falls Trilogy will be coming out soon from DarkFuse Publications. By soon, I mean early next year. 

With that in mind I thought I'd pull out some of the reviews from when it was first released and show them to you. Well, snippets, really. But here they are:

"In Serenity Falls, James A. Moore has written a novel where all hell breaks loose-literally. His descriptions of small town quirks and foibles hit the mark on all cylinders. DO NOT be intimidated by the phone book size of this one. The book is a quick read with very little filler." -- James Argendeli, CNN Headline News

"Moore creates and develops a whole population's worth of memorable characters, dealing with a myriad of personal and societal ills through their experiences. Chief among those characters is the appealingly enigmatic Hunter, Jonathan Crowley, previously introduced in Under the Overtree. He's also created an entire history for the town: working in the past incidents that haunt the town in just the right places to maintain suspense and menace, yet not derail the forward momentum of his narrative drive. Indeed, the novel's structural integrity is among its finest points. The shear complexity of his numerous plots and subplots, set in the present and the past, could have overwhelmed his story had he not pieced it together so perfectly. Imagine a book with the scope of Stephen King's It not hampered by clumsy construction (something King himself readily admits to) and you might get some idea of the magnitude of Moore's accomplishment with this book.

"As of this writing (June 3, 2003), this is easily the best horror novel to appear this year. It's more ambitious and thorough than the last three horror novels you've read put together. If there's any justice in the world, James A. Moore will be the genre's next superstar. He's the only horror author out there who's already writing at the level of the modern greats, with the same mainstream sensibilities that made bestsellers of them all. There really hasn't been a new horror superstar to take that leap into big time mainstream success since Dan Simmons. So remember, you heard it here first: the name James A. Moore will soon be spoken in the same reverent tones we now speak of King, Straub and Koontz. Count on it."-- Garrett Peck--Cemetery Dance Magazine

"Although this might sound like a steep price tag for a paperback novel, you're going to get your money's worth with this one, in terms of both quality and quantity. It runs well over eight hundred pages, and for the most part it's very tightly plotted and integrated. A comparison to early Stephen King is inevitable, because it's the kind of novel King might have written. A mysterious force arrives in a small town and occupies the body of one of its residents. Once established, it sets out to bring about the systematic destruction of the entire community through violence, mistrust, hatred, and fear. The relentless efforts of the antagonist are opposed by a young boy who slowly wakens to the danger while those around him remain oblivious. You'll become immersed very quickly, and once caught up in the story, you'll find it difficult to put the book away until you've finished it."--Don D'Ammassa, Chronicle Magazine issue 234 

"SERENITY FALLS is quite possibly the best horror novel since SALEMS' LOT. How's that for a strong recommendation? I have solid proof to offer - 800+ pages that will grab and horrify you while maintaining a death grip on your interest throughout. This is the ultimate page-turner." -- Jim Brock, Baryon Magazine

Oh, and just to add to the fun, I have a neat new cover piece for it!


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