Friday, July 27, 2012

Coulorophobia and other fun games.

So I'm working with a couple of folks on the possibility of a movie staring Rufo the Clown. Today I did up a few notes for one of the guys, possible scenes for teasers trailers.

This should be fun.

The aforementioned clown is pictured above, courtesy of Alan M. Clark, who remains insanely talented.

More news as warranted.

There will be at least one more seriously demented Rufo tale, a little ditty called BACK TO SERENITY. Rufo will be laughing, I make no guarantees about how others will feel about his return to the place where he was murdered.

On an entirely different note, we broke 70,000 words on the novel today. I'd say we were ramping up for the finale, but I don;t know if this beast can be ramped up much higher.

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