Saturday, July 21, 2012

60,000 words

Charles and I had lunch today and discussed the trends the book is taking. We're both from the school of thought that says it's more fun to write the book without an outline, so we need to meet up and discuss things form time to time to make sure that we're not going too far out into left field. It's okay to head in that direction, of course, but you have to remember the rest of the field.

I genuinely loved the prices of working with Charles on BLIND SHADOWS and this one is the same situation, but what I truly love about this is it's not at all the same book, Yes, same town and same characters, but aside from that there are almost no similarities.

New villains, more actual crimes, a few extra subplots and a coup elk of subject matters that are hot buttons for the both of us. We're working hard to make sure we aren't pulling any punches. Parts of this book are likely going to be uncomfortable but that's okay, they should be.

You'll see when we get there. But either way, this is getting interesting.

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