Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Wild Hunt goes Digital

After much hemming, hawing and a a few garumphs, I've realized that perhaps it's time to embrace the digital age. oh, a few of my publishers have, to be sure, but I haven't really managed it on my own yet. So now, without much preamble--I simply could not afford the marching band or the dancing girls--here comes THE WILD HUNT.

I did, however come up with some back cover text. Well, okay, I wrote it a while back for the limited edition copy of the book, but you get the idea.

How well do you know your friends?
They’ve been chums since high school. Every year, they go hunting together to reminisce about old times and relive their glory days as they try to bag their limit.
Would you die for them?
Now, something has gone terribly wrong. Someone has grabbed their loved ones, leaving strict instructions about where they must go and when they must meet if they want their families back alive.
Would they kill for you?
One of them is hiding a secret–a secret linked to a past hunt. He has offended the wrong people and unless he comes clean, every last one of them will die…or lose his loved ones in his stead.
Do they deserve to live?
They have only one other option–a test of skill against the very creatures they offended, blood for blood in the middle of a wintry nowhere. Fight and kill and win your freedom, or hesitate and die for your foolishness.
The Wild Hunt has begun and before it’s over, somebody dies.

You can find out where to get the book right about here: THE WILD HUNT

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  1. Grats, Jim. Glad to see you putting this one up yourself.