Monday, May 14, 2012

Sometimes a little bloodshed is just the thing

There comes a point in any story where I get to pause, contemplate the fates of the characters I'm dealing with and, if I'm particularly lucky, I get to rub my hands together and offer a properly evil chortle of glee. I reached that point today in THE SEVEN FORGES.

One of my intrepid heroes (There's more than one, of course, because I do so love a large cast of characters) finally has a chance to get his revenge against a couple of fellows who done him wrong. I've been building to this moment, preparing for it, going over it in my mind and finally, I get to cut loose!

Just in time to go to work. Yep. Halfway through the great carnage I had to come to a halt and head off to the day job. Now I could let a thing like that get me down if I gave it too much thought, or I could simply choose to take advantage of the situation and contemplate the precise nature of the beast for a bit longer at work when it gets a bit quieter.

I suppose it's a good thing my coworkers know what I do for a living or a few of them might have been worried about the far away look in my eyes, or the occasional chuckle, or the look I get on my face while I'm contemplating the possible trajectory of blood splatters.

and as I prepare to delve back into the fray I find myself contemplating something new: Exactly how much damage does a blacksmith's hammer do when it strikes a man across the knee? How about the temple? How many bones get broken before a man begs for mercy?

I suppose it's time to go find out.

I'll be back later.

For now, let the violence begin....heh heh heh.


  1. Breaking the collar bone is always good. Only takes about four pounds of pressure per square inch, completely immobilizes the arm on that side, and is excruciatingly painful.

  2. And THAT is why writing a novel with Charles Rutledge was a delight! The man knows his anatomy.... ;)