Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maybe NOT politically correct...

So Alex McVey is doing the cover art for my new novel (with co-author Charles R. Rutledge) called BLIND SHADOWS. For lack of a better way to describe this particular beast, it is a pulp-noir-crime-horror-action fusion. Charles likes to refer to it as "Rednecks from the Outer-Dark" and he's not completely wrong with that description either. 

At any rate, Charles and me discussed the cover concepts and then talked with Alex about the notions and Alex in turn went about other projects first because that's how you do things if you want to make a living in this sort of business. And then Alex had a computer meltdown and lost a lot of his notes.

So while on Facebook he sent me an instant message asking if the woman on the cover was a brunette. 

My response:
"The woman on the cover is indeed a brunette

dark hair,

blue eyes

full body.

Wet dream

You know the type."

Not really my most politically  correct moment. And yet, absolutely accurate. 
I'm really looking forward to seeing what Alex comes up with.  He's one of the best artists out there. 

(This is one of Alex's other pieces for my books called LITTLE BOY BLUE. ) 

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