Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Egads! Another Blog!

My name is James A. Moore. I write books. Apparently that entitles me to opinions, many of which I will share with you at this very locations. As the saying goes, "Your mileage may vary."  You may consider this my first official post. Why "Genrefied?" Because most of what I write falls into the category of genre fiction. Most. I tend to believe in writing whatever comes to mind. In the event that you simply cannot get enough of my endless wit (Or sarcasm, depending on how you view these things), you can find out a lot more about me at

and because I'm just playing with this for the first time, here's a cool picture from the latest anthology I'm attached to, a lovely book for kids of all ages (Not really for toddlers) called Zombies Versus Robots: This Means War!

If you decide you cannot live another moment without this book, you can pick it up here or you can go to and get it. I recommend it very, very highly, but I remind you I have a very heavy bias as one of the contributors.

Here's the artwork for my story, a cheerful tale called "The Last Imaginaut," by Fabio Listrani, who, honestly, needs to illustrate a LOT more books than he has already. Seriously, the guy rocks.

More soon,



  1. "I tend to believe in writing whatever comes to mind."

    The only way to blog. Looking forward to your posts, Jim!